Think it, Print it, Use it! – Part IV

At SolidXperts, we know that Markforged 3D printers are efficient and versatile and can provide strong and viable solutions to a variety of problems.

The president of SolidXperts, Alex Habrich, is participating for the 4th consecutive year at the Nissan Micra Cup. He and his team of racers, including his son, Michael Habrich  and Olivier Bédard, the contender for first place needed a solution to fix the Solo2 module (GPS lap timers). The three Micras needed a place where the racers can consult the module without taking their eyes off the track.

Charles-Olivier Provost, product manager for 3D printers at SolidXperts was working on SOLIDWORKS, the comprehensive and intuitive 3D modeling software to create the design. Shortly thereafter, he prepared a first test for a physical prototype, but the piece was hindering the field of vision inside the vehicles. He repositioned the piece to the dial that indicates the speed without obstructing the tachometer, which is essential in aiding the driver be aware of all the gauges and their denotation.

Mr. Provost took advantage of the fact that with a 3D printing technology, he can work more with the design itself, without having too much difficulty manufacturing it. This technology allows, among other things, to make the piece lighter and as space-efficient as possible. The initial tests have been done and the final version of the piece is in Onyx, with some carbon fiber reinforcement (see image of Eiger in transparency). The entire assembly surprisingly weighs only 45 grams.

Mr. Provost also took advantage of the fact that he had the CAD file to print a drill guide for the pre holes at the same time. These holes must be applied in the dashboard before putting in the screws.

The SolidXperts team is always prepared to provide durable and unceasing solutions. This particular 3D printed solution that worked for us is only an example. Imagine all that Markforged 3D printers can do for your business! Tools, small series, templates or prototypes, SolidXperts can help you realize all your projects!

For more information about Markforged’s 3D printers, call us: 1-877-876-5439


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