CircuitWorks – Integrate your Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

It’s quite common to integrate into our concepts a printed circuit board (PCB) designed with a product other than SOLIDWORKS. It is important to import these circuits and their components, shapes and sizes. This is done to make sure your components are positioned properly in a box so that nothing collides.  Here you will learn how to import these files into SOLIDWORKS and how to use the CircuitWorks, as well as how to do a flow analysis with Flow Simulation.

How to open a file from a Printed Circuit Board?
By default, when opening a panel, you can open a file directly from an IDF file.


When this type of file is used, it will be printed with the capacitor, resistor or inductor etc., and will only contain a rectangular shape (overall size).
This can be a very effective method for PCB of small components. If the component is too large, CircuitWorks will be required.

image002 Open an IDF File with CircuitWorks
With SOLIDWORKS Premium, CircuitWorks can be used to import an IDF file, and with several options to go beyond an importation of a file. To do this, activate the complement, and then open the file.


A temporary window will open in order to filter out unnecessary components to help reduce the file size that will be imported. Therefore, if a circuit contains many small components that are not required in SOLIDWORKS, CircuitWorks can be used by selecting the items you want to filter.

image004Also, if you open the IDF file using this method, you can associate a library file with SOLIDWORKS IDF Modeler. Using properties, CircuitWorks can be filtered according to the associated component. The printed circuit looks more realistic than ever.

image005Finally, the last advantage of using CircuitWorks is being able to synchronize any changes made to the ECAD data.

image006 CircuitWorks and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
In conclusion, you can filter in or out component properties, holes, traces, printed circuits, that will be used as a fluid-flow analysis in Flow Simulation. This will help verify that your circuit has enough ventilation to prevent overheating.


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