Think It, Print It, and Use It! – Part 2

We had promised a series of useful creations that would make a difference in your day-to-day. Here’s our take on a personalized ‘dust collector’.

Our sales representatives are always on the road, eager to prove to our clients the efficiency of SOLIDWORKS’ functionalities. Naturally, the objective is to make designing easier, minimize losses and reduce design costs.

Depending on the situation, some of our clients may benefit from using a 3D printer internally. In these cases, our team is always ready to offer the Markforged printer, which has taken the 3D printing world by storm with the resistance of its printed parts and the flawless look of their finished pieces.

Even though our clients use state-of-the-art equipment, we noticed that their facilities are often neglected: residual sawdust, melamine dust and others engulf the work environment after performing a myriad of tasks. This is all due to the dust collector’s inadequacy.

Our 3D Printer- Product Manager, Charles Olivier Provost, came up with a solution to this problem: He created it, designed it, and printed it…

4536-44536-5 Image
image001MarkForged Print

The purpose of this example is to demonstrate that customizing tools that help production is possible. It improves working conditions for employees, thus allowing them to perform better in their assigned tasks.

This example consists of:
• An adjustable angle bend, held by a clamp.
• 2 lower magnets to secure it to a metallic table without drilling holes.
• A replaceable grid to prevent big objects from clustering the tube

image002 image003


And this is only an example among many others that can be created with SOLIDWORKS and printed with Markforged.

It is as simple as thinking it, printing it and using it!

For more information on Markforged’s 3D printer, call 1-877-876-5439

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