SolidXperts meets many entrepreneurs and start-ups at KATALYSIS 2017

Last September 22nd, Sherbrooke’s place de la Cité was akin to a honeycomb or, better yet to an incubator, where many entrepreneurs and start-ups attended the second edition of Katalysis 2017.

What is Katalysis 2017? For those who don’t know, it’s the entrepreneurial ecosystem’s annual meeting for all future or growing start-ups, seasoned entrepreneurs, financiers, community leaders and aspiring makers wanting to discuss their projects and challenges as well as share their success stories.

Jessica Rose (Educational and Training Representative) and Peter Stamkopoulos (Account Manager) were present at this event.

The meetings were rewarding as Jessica and Peter were able to discuss the many solutions SolidXperts offers as a provider of SOLIDWORKS, a 3D design software, and present MARKFORGED, the 3D printers that are revolutionizing the 3D printing world.

They also had the opportunity to meet Gareth Morgan, founder of Metareal Inc, a start-up that revolves around the virtual reality world.



Cédric Provost has an unconventional ecological approach. He’s the brain behind the Black Soldier fly start-up.



This day was made possible thanks to Mrs. Chloé Legris, co-founder of the Espace Inc. incubator, and her flawless planning.



These meetings were vibrant and motivational, perfectly mirroring the start-ups’ environment. Conferences, workshops and networking sessions were spread across this day and there were too many highlights to choose from! Katalysis 2017 is meant to be a gathering place for the creative and entrepreneurial community to share and inspire.

Until next year!

Nadine Haddad
Marketing Director, SolidXperts Inc

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