Self-Contact Option in SOLIDWORKS Simulation


When performing a simulation in SOLDIWORKS, you can adjust or set the contacts between the parts. Whether bonded, or without penetration, etc., these contacts are important because they represent what it’s like when a part comes into contact with another. With the 2015 release of SOLIDWORKS, a new option now makes it easier when a part comes in contact with itself (i.e.: Spring). Continue reading »

Power Trim Tool


With the release of the 2015 version of DraftSight, the new “Trim” tool is now available for trimming, cutting, and extending the lines etc. Since this has been a very popular tool in SOLIDWORKS, we decided to demonstrate the power behind it. Continue reading »

Broken-Out Section View in a Drawing


When creating a broken-out section view of a drawing it possible to set the depth of the cut according to a numerical value. But did you know that it’s possible to select an edge on another view to define the depth? Or that you can put your 3D drawing in temporary 3D view mode and select the depth on this one? Continue reading »