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Get real-world views from customers using SolidXperts products and services to help them with their day-to-day design dilemmas. These success stories not only provide valuable insight with regards to the various products and services, but reveal the true potential behind their capabilities through design and development productivity.

  • 3 Form Design

    3 Form Design strives to combine industrial design with engineering to create a single resource that embraces styling, product psychology, engineering, and manufacturing.

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  • 360 Grader Product Design

    One of the largest product design agencies in Norway, Oslo-based 360 Grader Product Design serves clients in businesses ranging from packaging and domestic products to military and medical equipment.

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  • 3D Industrial Design

    3D Industrial Design is a full-service design studio, serving clients in product development, design, and prototyping. The company needed to satisfy its clients' need for fast results with minimal increases in cost.

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  • 3DMP (3D Marketing & Production)

    Projects, even the most complex, can be handled by just one person with SOLIDWORKS Composer, which means with our existing resources, we can take on more projects than before.

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  • 3E International

    A leader in the decorative lighting market in France, 3E International, an INDAL Group company, develops a wide range of lighting furnishings. The company was using AutoCAD, but wanted a 3D CAD system.

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