Artitalia Groupo, Inc.

Artitalia Groupo, Inc.

Artitalia Group, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-built display fixtures for top retailers ranging from Target and JCPenney to Microsoft and Loto-Québec. The company’s management recently determined that they needed to update Artital

The Challenge:

The company chose SolidWorks 3D CAD software because it is easier to use and more intuitive, provides a wide array of tools and the ability to design in-context, and includes effective training and superior support by SolidXperts, Artitalia’s local reseller. By deploying SolidWorks, Artitalia cut its design time by 40 percent, reduced time-to-market by 35 percent, decreased product assembly guide development by 35 percent, and accelerated manufacturing processes by 25 percent.

The Solution:

“It’s simply faster and easier to develop products in SolidWorks, and our Marketing Department can use SolidWorks 3D templates to generate all associated product documentation.” - Max Ferrera, Engineering Development Manager

The Result:

  • Cut design time by 40 percent
  • Reduced time-to-market by 35 percent
  • Decreased product assembly guide development by 35 percent
  • Accelerated manufacturing processes by 25 percent
Industry:Consumer Products & Electronics
Previous CAD:
Product(s) used:SolidWorks Standard
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