Canadian Tool & Die, Ltd.

Canadian Tool & Die, Ltd.

“SOLIDWORKS is so easy to use and so powerful that you owe it to yourself to get it.”

- Shannon Penner, Product Designer, RVI Equipment

The Challenge:

Canadian Tool & Die, Ltd. manufactures hubs, wheels, and hydraulic cylinders for agricultural and industrial applications. The company can design casting conversions from welded fabrications, as well as perform custom machining. The company also designs and manufactures electric motorized pallet jacks for its subsidiary, RVI Equipment. Because the pallet jacks are complex, incorporating electric, mechanical, and hydraulic systems, designing them in 2D was time-consuming and expensive. Parts were hard to visualize, creating drawings was labor-intensive, and getting the design right required making three or four prototypes.

The Solution:

We switched to SOLIDWORKS 3D mechanical design software and never looked back. SOLIDWORKS made it much easier to work with the design. We can visualize a part much better and make hundreds of changes before making even one prototype. Making drawings is really easy. When we change the model, the drawing automatically updates. We also add isometric views and shading, which helps people on the shop floor get a better idea of what they are machining. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation for analysis allows us to perfect the design and make a better product. SOLIDWORKS also helps us with marketing. We export views of our products to MSWord to create our parts manual. We use SOLIDWORKS eDrawings for quotes, so customers know what they are getting, and Visualize for photorealistic renderings for our brochures.

The Result:

  • Reduced the number of prototypes
  • Improved marketing and sales
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Leveraged improved visualization and photorealistic renderings
Industry:Industrial & manufacturing
Previous CAD:AutoCAD
Product(s) used:SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Professional, SolidWorks eDrawings Professional
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