LASCO Bathware, Inc.

LASCO Bathware, Inc.

"Using SolidWorks® CAD software, we can create a mold in three weeks, and go from a napkin drawing to a CNC-machined pattern in a week."

- Matt Thomas, Product Design Engineer

The Challenge:

LASCO Bathware, Inc. is America’s leading manufacturer of bathware, producing almost 25 percent of all bath and shower fixtures sold in the United States. Until the mid-1990s, the company used AutoCAD 2D design tools but decided to move to a 3D CAD system in order to meet customer demand for greater styling and more ergonomic shapes.

The Solution:

The company chose SolidWorks® CAD software because of its ease of use; advanced surfacing capabilities; and design visualization, communication, and presentation tools. LASCO also values the software’s integrated draft analysis tools for mold development and SolidWorks® Simulation's analysis capabilities. By deploying SolidWorks® CAD software, LASCO has cut mold development time by 60 percent; reduced scrap, rework, and material costs; improved design styling and ergonomics; and lowered photography costs by using photorealistic renderings created with PhotoWorks™.

The Result:

  • Cut mold/pattern development time by 60 percent
  • Shortened product time-to-market by 50 percent
  • Improved design styling and ergonomics
  • Leveraged analysis to maintain strength, durability, and consistency
Industry:Consumer Products & Electronics
Previous CAD:AutoCAD
Product(s) used:SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Simulation
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