MtM Automotive Components

MtM Automotive Components

"One of the major advantages SolidWorks CAD software had over other products is it came with several translation capabilities already built into it. We didn't have to go and purchase other translators to be able to talk to our customers."

The Challenge:

MtM Automotive Components is a tier-one, black-box supplier to the automotive industry. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company is responsible for the underlying mechanics of its products, which must be designed within a customer-prescribed physical space. Using 2D design tools, MtM Automotive Components engineers increasingly found it more difficult to produce quality designs without fit and interference problems and decided to implement a 3D CAD system.

The Solution:

The company chose SolidWorks 3D CAD software because of its ease of use, built-in data translation capabilities, enhanced design visualization tools, and integrated SolidWorks Simulation software. By implementing SolidWorks CAD software, MtM Automotive Components improved the quality and integrity of its designs, acquired the ability to import a variety of CAD formats, enhanced design visualization and communication, and increased designer enthusiasm and job satisfaction.

The Result:

  • Improved the quality and integrity of its designs
  • Acquired the ability to import a variety of CAD formats
  • Enhanced design visualization and communication
  • Increased designer enthusiasm and job satisfaction
Industry:Aerospace & Transportation
Previous CAD:
Product(s) used:SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Simulation Professional
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