Simulation & Design Validation


Test your 3D Design in a virtual real-world environments!

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SolidWorks offers a suite of simulation packages that enable you to set up virtual real-world environments so you can test your product designs before manufacture. Test against a broad range of parameters throughout the design process—like durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics—to evaluate product performance and make decisions to improve quality and safety.

Simulation lowers cost and speeds time to market by reducing the number of physical prototypes you need before going into production. SolidWorks Simulation helps designers and engineers to innovate, testing and developing new concepts with greater insights.



SolidWorks Simulation Premium



SolidWorks Simulation Premium software bolsters the depth of Simulation Professional with additional capabilities, including a powerful set of tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response as well as composite materials. Dynamic loading is also fully supported.

No matter the material or environment, SolidWorks Simulation Premium will provide valuable insight to improve product reliability in the most cost effective way.


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Cycles Devinci, Inc

Cycles Devinci, Inc

Using SolidWorks Simulation solutions, Cycles Devinci has realized significant productivity gains, while simultaneously increasing the number of innovative concepts it develops.

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