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solidworks-business-partnerThe Best Recommended Partners to optimize your SolidWorks software

SolidXperts has a unique form of partnership with some of the best business partners in the market.

For several years, SolidXperts has been committed to providing the best partner solutions, while striving to deliver the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

And with this, we recommend the following partners:






micromedica-iconMicroMedica is the manufacturer of the software Servicentre which is an integrated management system most powerful in its class. It provides a multitude of cutting-edge tools that are essential to daily operations of all types of businesses. 

A model of efficiency, Servicentre is software that integrates all key business operations providing transparency. Each phase is strictly covered and centralized within the same software.

Servicentre merges perfectly well with most accounting systems and collaborates closely with them to eliminate double entry. Servicentre not only offers a reliable software, but also a guaranteed efficiency gain.

MicroMedica Solutions d'affaires - 6075, rue Corbeil Trois-Rivières (Québec) G8Z 4S6
phone 32 877-780-3451 fax 32 418-780-3624 email 32

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Tri D Technologies Inc.:

Tri D Technologies Inc.:

Current practices for creating 2D flat patterns from 3D CAD inputs usually involve physical prototypes, and multi-step processes of iterative optimization of manual pattern development. ExactFlat 3...

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