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solidworks-business-partnerThe Best Recommended Partners to optimize your SolidWorks software

SolidXperts has a unique form of partnership with some of the best business partners in the market.

For several years, SolidXperts has been committed to providing the best partner solutions, while striving to deliver the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

And with this, we recommend the following partners:







Robotmaster CAD/CAM for robots seamlessly integrates off-line programming, simulation and code generation, delivering quick, error-free robot programs.

  • accurate robot trajectories without teaching points
  • “click-and-drag” interactive simulation/editing environment
  • automated robot motion optimization
  • multiple robot manufacturers compatibility.  

Why Robotmaster?

Robotmaster dramatically reduces robot off-line programming time and effort with:

  • optimized trajectories generated automatically from CAD/CAM files
  • automatic resolution of singularity, collision, joint and reach limit issues
  • a unique, intuitive “click-and-drag” simulation environment to fine-tune paths and transitions
  • tools to optimize part positioning, tool tilt and effective control of external axes




Robotmaster software is ideally suited to program robots for such tasks as trimming, de-burring, polishing, welding, dispensing, grinding, spraying, painting and 3D machining, while supporting most industrial robot brands

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Partner Products

3DPartFinder by 3DSemantix Inc.

3DPartFinder by 3DSemantix Inc.

3DSemantix created the semantics that allow one to search for similar parts using a 3D MODEL as input to the search engine, not alphanumeric characters. Our first product using this new semantics i...

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