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solidworks-business-partnerThe Best Recommended Partners to optimize your SolidWorks software

SolidXperts has a unique form of partnership with some of the best business partners in the market.

For several years, SolidXperts has been committed to providing the best partner solutions, while striving to deliver the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

And with this, we recommend the following partners:


DIVEL - Consultants






Divel was founded in 2002 by two experienced engineers who, before the company was created, started their careers as maintenance and operations managers. They developed an approach and solution well suited to Canadian and American manufacturing companies by borrowing from the modern management methods in the Japanese model.


We want to increase your company's efficiency and performance to:

> reduce recruiting needs by optimizing your human resources
> make you more competitive, despite the economical world crisis
> reduce your production costs to meet the competition from emerging countries

Our current facilities, which cover 4600 square feet, allow us to assemble on-site the equipment needed to carry out the projects. We call on subcontractors and suppliers known for their efficiency in the management of complex projects to help us bring your important projects to completion.

DIVEL - 450, av. Deveault, Louiseville (QC) J5V 3B2
phone 32 819-228-0101 fax 32 819-228-0202 email 32

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Partner Products

3DPartFinder by 3DSemantix Inc.

3DPartFinder by 3DSemantix Inc.

3DSemantix created the semantics that allow one to search for similar parts using a 3D MODEL as input to the search engine, not alphanumeric characters. Our first product using this new semantics i...

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