Technical Communication

solidworks technical communication

Whatever technical communication deliverables you need to produce

Effectively communicate complex product details by leveraging existing 3D CAD data across your organization to create polished content and animations.

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Inspection Reports (AS9102, PPAP, etc.)
  • Ballooned Drawings
  • Manufacturing assembly instructions
  • Product manuals
  • Installation instructions
  • Maintenance and repair guides
  • Training systems
  • Customer and supplier review
  • Brochures
  • Product web pages
  • Interactive, configurable product demos
  • Sales bidding kits


SolidWorks Composer Sync


If you are producing a significant volume of graphical content and product communication deliverables, SolidWorks Composer Sync and Enterprise Sync allow you to minimize the time it takes to update your information.

SolidWorks Composer Sync enhances the capabilities of SolidWorks Composer software by linking with any number of enterprise systems to easily update information for accurate and consistent communications. Changes in metadata, geometry, BOM’s, or manufacturing information can be updated on the desktop to SolidWorks Composer communication deliverables. SolidWorks Composer Sync also enables you to schedule batch updates for incorporating changes when the underlying product data changes, further simplifying the process of keeping materials up to date.

SolidWorks Composer Enterprise Sync provides all of the capabilities of SolidWorks Composer Sync plus the ability to control the processes through a command-line interface, allowing sophisticated integrations to be implemented very quickly.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Burlington Technologies, Inc.

Burlington Technologies, Inc.

Burlington Technologies Inc. produces high-pressure aluminum die castings, which automotive companies use to produce numerous parts.

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