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Die Design Packages



LogoPress3 Blank Module

Logopress3™ BLANK functions allow the user to quickly and easily predict the theoretical blank of 3D formed parts. More details ...

LogoPress3 Unbending Module

In only a few clicks, you can unfold your part and then model the intermediate stages that will allow defining the process that will become your strip layout. More details ...

LogoPress3 Strip Layout Module

The strip layout module can be used for both progressive dies and transfer dies. Logopress3™ strip layout module also includes great and specific features and capabilities dedicated to Round Draw Parts. More details ...

LogoPress3 Die Design Full Package

Logopress3™ Die Design Software includes a powerful Tool Structure Assistant that includes LogoPress3 Blank, Unbending and Strip Layout modules. The Die Design full packages will also feature a Standard Component Library, a Tool and Die Function and  Dynamic Interference Detection and Animation. More details ...

Progressive Blank Companion by LogoPress3

Progressive Blank Companion allows die designers to model the complex shaped intermediate stages of a progressively formed part far faster than ever! More details ...

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

FKI Logistex

FKI Logistex

FKI Logistex uses SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software to manage the high volume of design data associated with the development of its sophisticated sorting systems.

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