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Smap3D Overview


builtworks-plant-designIntelligent 2D/3D plant and piping design with Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design is the solution package for increasing your efficiency in plant design and engineering. Smap3D Plant Design is an integrated software solution for 2D/3D plant and piping design that can implement an optimal process chain in plant design:



From 2D flow diagram to 3D plan to isometrics!

With one specialized program for each process step (Smap3D P&ID, Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometric), the required solution can be tailored to individual requirements. The P&ID To-Do-List is a function integrated in Smap3D Plant Design which creates an intelligent connection between Smap3D P&ID Schematic and 3D piping.

With consistent implementation of all Smap3D Plant Design components, the automatic “program connections” ensure a smooth, loss-free transfer (NO export/import) of the available information and data, from one process step to the next.

smap3d-specsConvenient and process-reliable planning with pipe specifications

The key feature of Smap3D Plant Design is the use of pipe specifications in the planning and construction of plants and pipe systems. With pipe specifications, the compatibility of components (fittings, valves, etc.) is uniquely defined in line with particular company or project specifications for pipe system characteristics (diameter, medium, etc.). This central definition prevents user errors and saves time with each use, thereby achieving high process reliability.

Your benefits when using Smap3D Plant Design

Increased efficiency through a comprehensive solution package for the entire process chain:

  • Fast implementation and application on site
  • Highly flexible configurability allows for individual adaptations

Eliminates frustration and costly surprises at the construction site:

  •  Working with pipe classes ensures process reliability
  • Time savings without manual work modification
  • Fast, automatic creation and updating of complete 3D piping systems at the touch of a button
  • Increased efficiency through integrated workflow between the individual process steps
  • No duplication of process steps and entry of information needed
  • No media discontinuities
  • No data loss through importing and exporting

Error minimization through intelligent workflow in the individual process steps:

  • Automatic 2D and 3D list generation at the touch of a button (e.g. order, material and customization lists)
  • Automatic creation of isometric drawings

No loss of corporate knowledge

  • Pipe classes keep employee expertise within the company
  • Defined standards can be applied when training new employees



Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Columbia Remtec Manufacturing

Columbia Remtec Manufacturing

Aluminum, Four-axle, Pull-pup Trailer, High-pressure, Crude Oil Tanker

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