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SolidWorks 3D CAD software offers three packages building in functionality and tiered to best suit the needs of your organization.

All packages utilize the intuitive SolidWorks user interface to speed your design process and make you instantly productive.



Complex Assemblies Done Right



Creating designs, especially large ones, can be difficult in a 2D drawing-only environment. As the design gets more complex, it becomes difficult to visualize and understand the interactions and fitment of components in your assembly. SolidWorks 3D solution simplifies assembly design. You assemble components the way you would in the real world. With unmatched visualization capability, you can view, rotate and even fly-through your design for more clarity. You can move your assembly to see how it will operate in real life, and check interferences, clearances, and alignment throughout the full range of motion.

SolidWorks tools help you jumpstart your design with intelligent libraries of reusable parts and a library of intelligent fasteners that know how to assemble themselves automatically into your design.
Powerful search capabilities help you locate potentially reusable designs, and integrated access to web-based catalogs of suppliers’ 3D parts, such as air cylinders, motors and valves - helps simplify searching for needed components.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Tolleson Design

Tolleson Design

Tolleson Design is an Industrial Design consulting firm that specializes in the design and development of contract furniture from concept to production.

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