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Discover these Embedded Solutions within your SolidWorks Software!

Xpress products are basic versions of an add-in tool for SolidWorks. These products have limitations that allow the user to gain an understanding of the tool and gain some benefit.

These solutions represent a nice introduction to the full featured version which allow users to discover the true benefits of these add-ins. Users can decide whether or not it is a necessity to upgrade to the full featured version.

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Xpress Packages




DFMXpress allows designers to easily gain insight into the cost-effective manufacturability of their designs. Read more ...


DriveWorksXpress is included in EVERY seat of SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorksXpress is the easy to use, Rules-based Design Automation tool for SOLIDWORKS Engineers. Create multiple variations of parts, assemblies and drawings quickly and accurately. Read more ...

Simulation FloXpress

SOLIDWORKS FloXpress is a first-pass basic fluid flow analysis tool that calculates how water or air flows through part or assembly models and comes with every SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software package. Read more ...

SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress is a first-pass basic stress analysis tool that comes with every SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software package. Read more ...


Included with all SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD packages, SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress performs screening-level life cycle assessment (LCA) of your part designs using the gold-standard GaBi LCA database from PE International to help you understand and communicate the impacts of your design decisions. Read more ...

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Virginia Tech - RoMeLa

Virginia Tech - RoMeLa

At Virginia Tech - RoMeLa, student teams use SOLIDWORKS software to tackle challenging projects, such as the Blind Driver Challenge issued by the National Federation of the Blind.

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