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Integrates environmental assessment and sustainable design into your 3D design process.

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SolidWorks Sustainability quickly and easily integrates environmental assessment and sustainable design into your established design process. Sustainability becomes a natural part of your workflow.

You get a continuous, real-time dashboard of the impacts of your designs, helping you quickly compare design alternatives to find the most environmentally conscious options that meet your design requirements. You can ensure product quality and performance while developing greener products to better serve your customers and the environment.



SOLIDWORKS Sustainability


SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides a screening-level life cycle assessment (LCA) of the environmental impacts of your full design with seamless integration to your design process. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability includes the diverse tools of SustainabilityXpress (parts assessment, alternative materials search, and environmental impact dashboard) with the additional capability to assess both parts and assemblies, using parameters, such as transportation mode and distance, assembly energy, and use-phase energy consumption.

Flexible inputs, such as recycled content level and end-of-life scenarios, enable more detailed assessments. You can even perform time-dependent environmental comparisons using the varying lifetimes of different design solutions.

Assessment results are saved for each design configuration, helping you easily compare versions. The Assembly Visualization tool ranks the impact of the parts in your assembly to pinpoint and reassess the sustainability of your design. Seamless integration and automatic report generation allow you to quickly communicate your sustainable design solution.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability uses the gold-standard GaBi LCA environmental impact database from PE International. You can download updates as they become available, and even request new LCA datasets for your custom materials and processes as a premium service in partnership with PE International.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Sub-Zero Freezer Company

Sub-Zero Freezer Company

Sub-Zero Freezer Company has surpassed its initial productivity goals, compressing its design cycles substantially by using SOLIDWORKS software.

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