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Discover UtilsXperts, a series of tools designed to help simplify your daily design tasks!

UtilsXperts consists of different utilities and developed exclusively by the SolidXperts team of programmers. These utilities integrate seamlessly with the SolidWorks interface to automate and simplify several tasks performed in your everyday design work.

*UtilsXperts is FREE to customers registered to the SolidWorks Subscription Services plan offered by SolidXperts.

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referencexpertsMove & Copy Files Hassle-Free

ReferencesXperts - move or copy files while updating the file references. It is possible to apply rules to edit file names and to update the custom properties during the process.


  • Preview the final result
  • Custom properties update during the process
  • Use of rules for modification
  • Ability to copy or move files

A must have tool for all who are reusing files or modifying the file structure.


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Naber Plastics B.V.

Naber Plastics B.V.

Naber Plastics used SolidWorks CAD software to design the Burton Elementz Kitcar concept for the Burton Car Company.

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