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In a highly competitive market, getting to production quickly can mean significant financial rewards for your company, large or small. A workstation and hardware that allows you to run your advanced and demanding applications has got to take advantage of technology in order to keep up with your schedule.

Our vast range of workstations and accessories are specifically built and design to deliver the best experience and performance from your SolidWorks products.


3D Mouse by 3Dconnexion


As the worldwide leader in navigation input devices, 3Dconnexion serves the distinct needs of a diverse set of industries and creative professionals, including those in product design (CAD/CAM/CAE), animation, modeling, and digital content creation. Today, more than one million design professionals using 2D or 3D software revolutionize the way they work with a navigation input device from 3Dconnexion. Over 200 popular software applications are supported. Because of these relationships, 3Dconnexion devices are able to unlock the hidden power within these applications; power and functionality that cannot be accessed with a mouse alone. Here are the available 3Dconnexion 3D mice:


3d-mouse-selector Space Pilot PRO

Space Pilot PRO is the ultimate professional 3D mouse, engineered to excel in today's most demanding software environments, its breakthrough features include second generation QuickView Navigation technology, dual-function Intelligent Function Keys and at-a-glance access to important information via the full-color LCD Workflow Assistant. More details ...

Space Explorer

SpaceExplorer is used together with a traditional mouse. One hand engages SpaceExplorer to position the model and access important application commands while your other hand simultaneously uses the traditional mouse to edit the model or select menu items. More details ...

Space Mouse PRO

SpaceMouse Pro is the latest addition to 3Dconnexion’s line of professional 3D mice. It features a full size, soft coated hand rest and 15 large, fully programmable function keys for access to application commands, standard views and keyboard modifiers while a convenient On-Screen Display provides visual support. More details ...

Space Navigator & Space Navigator for Notebook

SpaceNavigator is used with a traditional mouse in a balanced and cooperative work style. One hand engages SpaceNavigator to position the model or navigate the environment while your other hand simultaneously uses the traditional mouse to select, create or edit. It’s a two handed work style where you click a lot less and accomplish a lot more. More details ...


Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Alliant Engineering LLC

Alliant Engineering LLC

Using SolidWorks Simulation software, Alliant introduced a revolutionary innovation in powered parachute design, introducing the first load-bearing composite fuselage on the Paracraft powered parachute.

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