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SolidXperts is an authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller for New England, Eastern Canada and Quebec, offering CAD solutions which include: Experienced technical support service, training, quality consultation service and tailored application programming SOLIDWORKS API.



Our trainers are certified by DS SOLIDWORKS Corp. and are approved by the CPMT on behalf of the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity. More ...


Regardless if it's a problem of staff turnover, recruitment, occasional hiring, absences or overtime, our consultants will assist you with all your 3D CAD needs. More ...


Whether it is for consulting, modeling, analysis of requirements, presentation of photo rendering or varied programming, SolidXperts specialists will help you get things done in no time! More ...


In order to respond to your SOLIDWORKS specific needs, SolidXperts offers an application development service using the Visual Basic platform and the Application Programming Interface (API) Mechanism of SOLIDWORKS. More ...


If you subscribe to the support services of SolidXperts / SOLIDWORKS, your company will receive upgrades and updates, technical assistance provided by SolidXperts, as well as access to a wide range of resources, such as My3DXperts. More ...

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

360 Grader Product Design

360 Grader Product Design

One of the largest product design agencies in Norway, Oslo-based 360 Grader Product Design serves clients in businesses ranging from packaging and domestic products to military and medical equipment.

solidxperts is your provider of 3d design, validation, data management, documentation and 3d printing solutions