Implementation Services





SolidXperts Inc. specializes in the implementation of the SolidWorks software. With the proper training, SolidXperts will help you meet your business needs by providing user-friendly tools to facilitate the learning curve of the software.

Services Offered by SolidXperts:


  • Implementation (10 steps to a successful installation)
  • Implementation of Licensing Network
  • Installing software and updates
  • PDM, revisions and projects

3D Design Support

  • "Kick-Start" / "Coaching"
  • Standardization
  • Assemblies, parts and drawings

Support for Simulation and Analysis

  • Structural, thermal, natural frequencies and more
  • Assistance in Photo Rendering
  • High-quality photo images with 360 PhotoView
  • Animations with SolidWorks Animator


  • Programming VB, VBA
  • SolidWorks API

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Whale Tankers

Whale Tankers

Whale Tankers Ltd., the leading European manufacturer of liquid waste tankers and high-pressure jetting equipment, supplies the majority of local waste authorities, independent waste contractors, and water companies with specially designed waste removal and transportation systems.

solidxperts is your provider of 3d design, validation, data management, documentation and 3d printing solutions