Implementation Services





SolidXperts Inc. specializes in the implementation of the SolidWorks software. With the proper training, SolidXperts will help you meet your business needs by providing user-friendly tools to facilitate the learning curve of the software.

Services Offered by SolidXperts:


  • Implementation (10 steps to a successful installation)
  • Implementation of Licensing Network
  • Installing software and updates
  • PDM, revisions and projects

3D Design Support

  • "Kick-Start" / "Coaching"
  • Standardization
  • Assemblies, parts and drawings

Support for Simulation and Analysis

  • Structural, thermal, natural frequencies and more
  • Assistance in Photo Rendering
  • High-quality photo images with 360 PhotoView
  • Animations with SolidWorks Animator


  • Programming VB, VBA
  • SolidWorks API

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Radionics, Inc.

Radionics, Inc.

Radionics has standardized on SolidWorks CAD Software for developing its products, which neurosurgeons use to plan and operate with a higher degree of precision.

solidxperts is your provider of 3d design, validation, data management, documentation and 3d printing solutions