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SolidXperts is an innovator in the field of 3D CAD technology. With many years of expertise, SolidXperts wants to help you succeed while meeting the requirements of your business by offering consulting services comprised of qualified SolidXperts consultants.


We are the Experts...

SolidXperts is innovative about the ways in which we evaluate candidates. We offer exclusive and rigorous testing, along with a comprehensive selection process, using a variety of assessments and methods to learn more about the knowledge and skills of candidates. Our rating system consists of three distinct parts: "Competence", "Conduct" and "Compatibility".

Why Hire a Temporary Consultant?

The recruitment, turnover and benefits monopolize about 70% of company costs. With our business consulting services, you have the opportunity to enjoy temporary recruitment and staff placement flexibility. In addition to maximizing the return on your investment in human resources, SolidXperts helps you reduce your costs in (5) five key areas.

  • Turnover and Recruitment - SolidXperts undertakes staff research and everything related to staff turnover
  • Hiring "on demand" - You can rely on temporary employees during periods of intense activities, without keeping your payroll elevated when business is slow
  • Training - SolidXperts assesses the skills, knowledge and personality of each candidate under a strict evaluation, along with the possibility of providing adequate training for the position they hold at your company.
  • Absenteeism - Our customers only pay for the hours worked by the temporary staff of SolidXperts.
  • Overtime - Save on the cost of overtime without the loss of productivity by adding temporary employees for minimal hours, and/or during busier periods.

The PERFECT Candidate just for You!


certfied-professionalOur Guarantee

We guarantee complete satisfaction on each investment made in your business.

We are proud of our quality employees that we recommend. This quality is why we do not hesitate to guarantee our consulting services.

What is the Temporary Consultation Service?

SolidXperts hires its own employees and assigns them accordingly to companies based on their needs. Included is a business agreement, along with a set amount of fees and a guarantee that the temporary employee will first undergo a trial period.

We are ALWAYS here

Quality at SolidXperts is a very important balance between people, processes, standards and technologies. We have developed high standards to ensure that there is a consistent level of skills involved.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Sport Systems Unlimited Corp.

Sport Systems Unlimited Corp.

With SOLIDWORKS software, Sport Systems Unlimited Corp. has automated its robotic production of hockey rink board systems, enabling the company to grow and expand into new markets.

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