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SolidWorks training courses focus on fundamental skills and concepts key to ensuring your success with SolidWorks. 

SolidXperts provides both basic and advanced training of the highest quality. Our trainers are certified by DS SolidWorks Corp.

Select your training requirements by viewing the courses available for SolidWorks products, including SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks PDM, and SolidWorks Composer. Each course includes a training book, as well as practice sessions for which each participant is given access to a computer. We recommend this course to people who have previous experience with SolidWorks.



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SOLIDWORKS Essentials teaches you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design Automation software to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and how to make drawings of those parts and assemblies.

solidworks-essentialsWhat's included:

  • 4 day training
  • Student access to a computer workstation
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials manual

Who Should Attend?

This training is for anyone who would like to learn about the SOLIDWORKS software or improve on their modeling techniques.

Training Objectives

  • Know the basic principles of modeling
  • Model-based design intent
  • Improve the SOLIDWORKS main interface layout and navigation
  • Learn the language of 3D modeling and the specific SOLIDWORKS terms
  • Have knowledge on the basic functions and capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Drawings

*Time will be allocated at the end of each lesson. A certificate will be given to the student to attest the successful completion of the course.


For anyone attending this course, the following prerequisites are necessary:

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
  • Mechanical design experience

SolidXperts training courses on SOLIDWORKS software are led by a CSWI (Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor). 

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Girtz Industries, Inc.

Girtz Industries, Inc.

Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software, Girtz Industries is realizing faster time to market, increased revenue, and greater throughput, while completing more complex projects.

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