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With SolidWorks Simulation you can simulate your design in advance in order to detect potential failures and issues. At this stage, it is very common to modify the material, the thickness or add a support etc. How does one compare all these differences in a single view?

1st Step: Design a Part with Configurations
Before comparing the simulation results of different part configurations, you need to have a part with a configuration. In the following example, there are 3 different configurations:  a configuration with angled grooves, without grooves, and with four vertical grooves.


With angled grooves


Without grooves


With four vertical grooves.

2nd Step: Create a Simulation of the Three Configurations
Next, you need to do a simulation on one of the configurations by adding forces, fixtures, and connectors. In the following example, a part has been attached to the central shaft with bearings at both ends and two bolt and nut connectors that were added automatically with SolidWorks Toolbox Fasteners. To compare the results, studies must be conducted on other configurations. In this example, the attributes are the same; therefore it is possible to copy the studies on other configurations.

Final Step: Compare Results Based on the Configurations
The final step consists of using the “Compare Results” tool listed in the Simulation tab:

SolidWorks-Simulation-Configurations-5The following option has been selected “All studies in all configurations (slower)”, as well as the type of result that appears on the screen.
Up to 4 plots can be compared from studies associated with different configurations. In this example, only the results of stress analysis has been chosen.

SolidWorks-Simulation-Configurations-6It is quite apparent to see how the difference of the stress analysis progressed extremely well according to the physical cut added to the part.

SolidWorks-Simulation-Configurations-7Click here to view our technical tip on this topic, or other tips on SolidWorks Simulation.

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