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DALLAS, TEXAS — February 10-13th, 2019 — Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, hosted its annual SOLIDWORKS World conference.

SolidXperts was present for the entire conference, witnessed the major announcements made to the 3D community, and even left with an overflow of awards and trophies.

Under the theme “Where Possibility Takes Form”, this year’s SOLIDWORKS World made several large announcements. First, the name of the event is changing! SOLIDWORKS World 2020 will be “3DExperience World 2020”, to take place in Nashville, TN.

Next, users and resellers got a peak at some of the features that will be released with the 2020 Launch later this year.
Find out all the new features unveiled during SOLIDWORKS World 2019 in this article, as well as in the video below:


Finally, SOLIDWORKS World 2019 saw some of the event’s most famous keynote speakers to date, including but definitely not limited to Gian Paolo Bassi, Dassault Systèmes CEO, Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, and Leland Melvin, NFL player and former NASA astronaut.

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 turned into a wonderful success story for SolidXperts, whose name kept appearing among the award winners. The SolidXperts team walked away with:

  • Michel Boily – 100 Club and career 500 Club
  • Joseph Interdonato – 100 Club and career 500 Club
  • Gilles Heurtel – 100 Club
  • Jessica Rose – Bachelor’s Degree for Education Sales
  • Gérald Le Nadant, Julie Anne Lochhead & the Whole SX Team – 90/90 Club for Software Subscription Initial/Renewal
  • Gérald Le Nadant, Julie Anne Lochhead & the Whole SX Team – Top VAR in Americas for Subscription Recapture
  • The Whole SX Team – President’s Club
  • Sakineh Orangi – SOLIDWORKS Elite Certification

Congratulations to our award winners and a huge thank you to our viewers that tuned in to the live stream coverage.

See you next year in Nashville!