Nikita Lambert, an employee at SolidXperts Montréal participated in a Visualize contest exclusively for North American VARs (Value-added resellers).

This three-step, two-week competition was organized by SOLIDWORKS  and judged by people from SOLIDWORKS. The actual event was not held in a physical place, as everything was remote. Nonetheless, it was a great way to showcase one’s proficiency with the SOLIDWORKS software.

Here is a video presenting the top contenders, as well as some their submitted content for the three challenges.

We at SolidXperts  are very proud of Nikita, as he finished 3rd overall in the cumulative score, at 1.2 points away from the winner (he had 41.2 points, the winner had 42.4). Impressively, he finished within the top three contenders twice out of only three challenges. These are his placements for each step of the competition:

– 2nd in the “Real or Rendered” Challenge
– 3rd in the “Product Proposal” Challenge
– Outside the top 3 for “VR Experience” Challenge

His results were exciting to see, because his prowess and comprehension within the software directly translate into work performance, setting a great example for his colleagues. All the competitors were highly capable and the judges had a difficult time discerning clear winners.

Nikita Lambert - SolidXperts LUDI NERF 2 LUDI NERF 2 couche 2

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