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Following tradition, SolidXperts held its annual Christmas Party this past Friday, December 7th at the lovely Holiday Inn & Suites in Pointe-Claire. Employees from the 3 offices (Montréal, Québec & Nashua) gathered for a night filled with warm greetings, long-awaited reunions, great food, great music and awards.

The evening’s ceremony began with acknowledging our colleagues who have weathered the storm for landmark anniversaries, 5, 10, and 15! And just like every family get-together, we shared memories and handed out superlatives for some of our favorite memories and accomplishments from the past year, with laughs and applause.

The highlight of the award ceremony was without question the presentation of the Excellence Award 2018-Daniel Naud and the Distinction Award 2018-Daniel Fraser .

Chosen by the management team, the Excellence Award -Daniel Naud award is given to a SolidXperts employee with a consistently exceptional work ethic, who has time and again gone above and beyond. For his many achievements, certifications, his infectiously optimistic leadership style, all his early mornings, late nights, and Saturdays at the office, and for everything he has done for the DriveWorks team and SolidXperts as a whole, the Daniel Naud merit prize was awarded to Project Manager, Moussa Abdi.


Moussa Abdi, Daniel Naud award recipient, and Alex Habrich, SolidXperts owner

Each year, the Daniel Fraser award recipient is chosen from a pool of colleague nominations, and this year the undisputed majority of nominations went to one employee at SolidXperts who has set the standard for operating under pressure with poise and passion. For her accomplishments in 2018, including but not limited to, the introduction of completely new company branding and the launch of a new SEO’d website, for her devotion and her contribution to the company’s success, as well as her creative ideas, the Prestigious Daniel Fraser merit award was given to SolidXperts Marketing Director, Nadine Haddad.


Nadine Haddad, Daniel Fraser Award recipient, and Alex Habrich, SolidXperts owner

Congratulations to our award winners, and a huge thank you to everyone at SolidXperts who have made our 20th year of business the best one yet! Keep up the good work, and for more news on SolidXperts and all we do please visit our blog.