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In order to facilitate your next installation. Here are 2 ways to get the installation files for the most recent or any other version of the SOLIDWORKS software.

The first and simplest way. Just contact us and we will be happy to send you by simple email everything you need for your installation.
You will find below the link to download the installation files for:

  • 7Zip

DO NOT upgrade to SOLIDWORKS and PDM 2020 clients before upgrading the PDM server, you will not be able to access your storage location (for PDM users, major upgrades only).

For SOLIDWORKS PDM server upgrades – server requirements have changed for version 2020.
SQL 2014 needs to be upgraded to SP3 on SOLIDWORKS PDM server.


Here is the link to download the installation files for SOLIDWORKS.

Also, here are the links to the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Installation and Administration Guides. Before downloading or installing the software, please take the time to read the information below.

Installation Guide

This document describes how to install and apply service packs to SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium. Many installation methods are presented, including individual installations, and modifying installations.

Note: It has been reported that decompressing a compressed file exceeding approximately 6.5 Gig with Win Rar, Win Zip or other software could compromise the integrity of the file so it is suggested to use 7 ZIP.

Ninite 7ZIP Installer

Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary. We look forward to hearing from you. Then you just have to download by clicking on the link.

Second method, here is the usual procedure for downloading from the SOLIDWORKS site:


Choose the version to download and click on the link.


Accept the terms.


Click Download.


Click UNZIP.


Choose the download option.


Choose your products to download, accept the options, then finally launch the download.


The complete download should take about 30 minutes.