Improve your use of SOLIDWORKS solutions

Increase your productivity

on SOLIDWORKS solutions.

Your company has enjoyed the benefits of SOLIDWORKS for some time, but did you know that SolidXperts can help you further increase your productivity and efficiency? To help you attain this increase, we hire one of our SOLIDWORKS certified specialists to work directly within your company. This specialist will carefully analyze the working methods of each of your departments and, at the end of the evaluation, deliver a recommendation report. Learn new methods to carry out your projects, exploit new functionalities, and obtain a better return on your investment.


 of optimization


Save on Costs

Avoid mistakes with good practices.


Increase your Productivity

Get the best performance from your system.


A Better Return on your Investment

Use the latest features of your software.


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Why is this important

for your business?

You gain


Optimizing the use of your work tool means responding more quickly to internal requests like those of your clients, earning the further advantages that follow.

Good for

your business economy

Gaining productivity also means having the opportunity to respond to more orders, as well as needing to mobilize fewer resources on a project.