NXE 200Pro

Ultrafast Industrial 3D Printer


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For designers, engineers, and manufacturers that want quick, accurate, and cost-effective production solutions, the NXE 200Pro 3D printer offers remarkable affordability.

Printer Specs

Build Volume
10.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inch (275x x 155 x 200 mm)
Max Resolution
4K (3840 x 2160)
Pixel Pitch
76.5 µm (0.0030 in)
405 nm
Build Materials
UV Curable Plastics; xGPP-Translucent; XGPP-Grey; xPRO410; 3843-ABS-Black; xCE-Black; ABS-Black; xCE-White; xPP405-Black; xPP405-Clear; xPEEK147; x45-Natural; x45-Clear, x45-Black, xFLEX

Post-Processing for NXE 200Pro


xModel 2505 Resin


  • A high-resolution dental model material suitable for modeling and thermoforming applications is Nexa3D xMODEL 2505. It is a resin made of methacrylates that can be used with Nexa3D printers like the NXE400 and NXD200. Curing profiles are created for layer heights of 100 and 50 m.

KeyModel Ultra


  • KeyModel Ultra™ is a material designed for the 3D printing of dental and orthodontic models.

KeySplint Soft


  •  KeyPrint® KeySplint Soft® is a light-curing resin for the 3D printing of flexible biocompatible dental devices for use with DLP printers (385-405nm).

KeyTray Resin

  • KeyTray is a powerful, Class I biocompatible 3D printing resin created to quickly and precisely build unique, individual impression trays. To withstand the forces required to take a patient impression and remove the tray from the oral cavity, the material is robust and strong. It works with every kind of impression medium.


  • Air duct, fluid flow models, performance prototypes, usable end-user components, and snap-fit

KeyGuide Resin

  • A rigid, biocompatible (class I) 3D Printing resin called KeyPrint® KeyGuide® is used to make surgical guides for partial and complete arches. To withstand the forces of guided surgery in the oral cavity, the material is strong and resilient. It is a light-curing resin for use in DLP 3D printers that uses wavelengths between 385 nm and 405 nm to create biocompatible dental surgical guides.

xCast resin

  • The NXE400 3D printer’s xCast software is designed exclusively for the manufacture of precise investment casting patterns.


  • A medium-soft rubber-like substance that when cured becomes a supple, elastomeric substance. Customers can use this industrial-strength material in sportswear and footwear midsoles, handles and grips, pipes and manifolds, seals and gaskets, and other applications that call for resilience, snapback, and tear resistance. Additionally, this material has a remarkable elongation at a failure of 150 percent, a fantastic energy return of up to 50 percent, and is solvent resistant in the majority of cases.

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