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Make your production easier and master it from start to finish. With Markforged 3D metal printing, you attain independence and significantly reduce your production times: Why wait several weeks for your tools, your small series, your templates or your prototypes when you can get them much faster?

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Print your metal parts in stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium, and enjoy a very high level of finish, as well as great strength. Realize fully functional, complex parts within your company and appreciate their lightness compared to traditional parts.

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“Some of them completely dissolved…we tested the [MarkForged] nylon and that eliminated all the other printers, really. It was the only one that held up to all the criteria that we had…the nylon went through a 26-hour bath in a really harsh solvent and it still looked beautiful.”

– Jon Fetzer, Process Engineer, Whitford Worldwide

“Onyx is one of my favorite materials because it combines stronger composite material with the chemical resistivity of nylon. It hits the sweet spot for us in chemical resistance and strength.”

– J.R.Everett, Automation Technician, Dixon Valve

“Onyx is a stiffer material, the edges are true…parts look better, and they fit together better, so it’s been a huge help. We don’t have to redesign or print new parts.”

– Alan Rencher, Founder, Product Designer, Media Blackout


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More speed, independence and flexibility

No longer depend on external service providers, manufacture and respond faster to your needs and those of your customers.


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Create parts up to 99% cheaper than classic manufacturing with a high level of quality.


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And take full advantage of what 3D printing can offer you.

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Take a step towards the future and revolutionize the way you work.

Markforged Metal X

The Metal X is a next generation printer with the latest improvements and technologies in the field. Printing is done with metal powder in a plastic matrix for added security, new features also include closed-cell filling for lighter and more economical parts.
Download the Metal X data sheet
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