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Perform electromagnetic and high frequency analyses on SOLIDWORKS


analysis tools

ElectroMagneticWorks offers an exclusive and unique solution on SOLIDWORKS: EMS software that allows to accurately simulate electromagnetic fields. The second software, HFWorks, is a powerful high-frequency field simulator. Both are powerful and complete tools certified by SOLIDWORKS.

They trust us

Performance and precision are traits
you can count on.

EMS and HFWorks, powerful tools for your business.


Easy to use

EMS and HFWorks are fully integrated with your SOLIDWORKS solutions.


Improved designs

With the many analysis tools at your disposal.


Save valuable time

Analyze your designs at any stage, as often as you want.

Take advantage of ElectroMagneticWorks Solutions

Unique tools for your business.


With EMS, simulate the effects of magnetic fields on your designs. With its five modules, you can analyze electrostatics, conductances, magnetostatics, AC magnetic effects, and transient signals. Thus, you can easily simulate actual operating conditions, compare alternative design methods, and save money by reducing prototyping.


HFWorks allows you to analyze the effects of high frequency fields easily and in detail. The software allows to evaluate the performance of your models in the calculation of important parameters such as: resonant frequency, overvoltage coefficient, dispersion matrices, antenna diagrams, gain of receptivity and directivity, the distributions of fields, and more.