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Easily create complex shapes with Power Surfacing.

The perfect solution

for industrial design

Revolutionary: This is the word that perfectly defines Power Surfacing software by nPower Software. Creating complex shapes and designing Class A surfaces becomes instinctive. You significantly increase your productivity, but also your creativity, and you make your products unique. Handling Power Surfacing parts is as easy as manipulating clay.

They trust us

Impeccable aesthetics, fluidity,free and organic forms

Creating complex shapes becomes easy.



Power Surfacing is fully compatible with SOLIDWORKS.


Time saving

You design and edit your complex organic surfaces much faster.


More creativity

Creating unique products becomes faster and easier.

Give your business a powerful software

Enjoy extremely successful surfacing tools.

Power Surfacing

Fighting to patch a set of cut pieces is only an old memory. The creation and the editing are totally simplified. Enjoy an exceptional and unique industrial design toolbox. Easily convert your creations to Class A SOLIDWORKS surfaces or solid bodies.