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RIZE 3D Printers

Resistant, secure, and accessible full-color prints

3D printing

has never been easier

RIZE has revolutionized the world of additive manufacturing: manufacture your prototypes, tools, and final parts easier than ever before, from directly within your company. No need to hire a technician or reserve a complete part for your 3D RIZE printer. Plus, your machine is a zero-emission printer that does not use chemicals or glue during pre and post-treatment.

Give your prints

a touch of color

When 3D printing your parts in proprietary thermoplastic, whether reinforced technical grade or not, your RIZE can add color inks to meet your manufacturing, prototyping, and aesthetic needs. This patented enhanced depositing process allows you to combine strength, ease of use, and color all on one platform.
RIZE 3D printers allow their pieces quasi-isotropic resistance, in the X, Y, and Z axes, unlike other FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printers.

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RIZE compared to FDM Printers


RIZE compared to FDM Printers

Why Choose


Bring the power of 3D printing to your company.


Minimal part management

Almost no pre and post-processing required


A broad range of function

Print imitations of injection molded parts.


Digitally augmented parts

Add text, images, or QR codes to your printed parts.



Choose desktop 3D printers that offer industrial production capabilities.


Discover the first Augmented Polymer Deposition (ADP) printers: resistant, secure, fast, and equally economical, with minimal pre and post-treatment. Ensure digital traceability, the personalization of parts by injecting ink during 3D printing. From prototyping to tooling and final parts, this printer guarantees low operating costs and fast profitability.


The most economical 3D color printer available. The XRIZE has all the advantages of its little sister, the RIZE One, plus the opportunity to bring your prototypes and functional parts to an unparalleled level of color.
Imagine the representation of a finite element analysis reproduced directly on your piece, your prototype already in the colors of the final product, realistic packaging, or educational reproductions of human body parts, all from a simple and safe process.