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Focus on innovation with the most used 3D software in the world.

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Comprehensive and intuitive, SOLIDWORKS 3D design solutions let you transform your projects into exceptional products. Design, simulate and build, SOLIDWORKS supports you at every stage of your development. For each business, each activity sector, and each specific need, the 3D drawing software has a suitable solution for you.

With SolidXperts and SOLIDWORKS, not only can you find the solution that meets the needs of your industry or activity, but you can also choose the type of license that will address the level of use you will have with the software and you can benefit from training and assistance to take advantage of all its possibilities.


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Boost your business activities

with solidworks

Innovate, develop and design your products without limits.


A powerful tool, easy to use, and versatile in your hands

Enjoy powerful and successful software for endless possibilities.


A solution adapted to your needs

SOLIDWORKS meets the specific needs of each business sector.


Assistance and training to improve your craft

SolidXperts accompanies you, helping you make the most of the possibilities of the software.

Choose the solution

 that suits you.

Each company has specific needs that SOLIDWORKS can meet.

Data Management
Group and secure all your design data and organize your teams optimally. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you store and index your files, making the sharing and editing process easier. On a workgroup or whole-enterprise scale you save time and reduce the risk of errors.

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CAD Mechanical Design
Bring your projects to life and turn your idea into an innovative product with SOLIDWORKS, the world’s most widely used 3D design software. Easy to use, intuitive, and extremely powerful, SOLIDWORKS will forever change the way you work. You will inevitably work faster, more efficiently, and gain competitiveness.

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Electrical and electronic design
To benefit from SOLIDWORKS Electrical is to take advantage of extremely comprehensive tools, giving a real boost to your activity. There is no need to use physical prototypes and set up for time-consuming and expensive tests. You can work faster while gaining profitability.

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CAM Manufacturing
What if you could incorporate your design and manufacturing processes into one system? With SOLIDWORKS CAM by CAMWORKS, this convenience is now possible, and it is going to make a huge difference for your business. Evaluate your designs earlier in production, accelerate development, reduce the number of tasks, etc.

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Design and innovate across your entire enterprise with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. With this program, everyone can make a difference: the manager, project manager, the design team and others, with or without CAD knowledge. You can collaborate, speed up decision making, and go further than you thought possible with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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Technical Documentation
Optimize the management and utilization of your technical documentation and improve your communication in this area. Create high quality graphics for your produced media by reusing your 3D designs. From manufacturing instructions and product manuals to engineering drawings, quotations and more, find out what SOLIDWORKS technical documentation solutions can do for you.

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Predict and test the performance and behavior of your future products with SOLIDWORKS analysis tools. Place your creations in a virtual environment and submit them to a wide range of extremely accurate tests for attributes, such as durability, heat exchange, static and dynamic response, etc. all along the design process.

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Whether you’re a student, a teacher or researcher, SOLIDWORKS educational solutions have a lot to offer. Learn, teach, or solve complex design problems with the best suite of tools in the field. Complete and effective, SOLIDWORKS educational solutions are easy to master and widely used in the world by various groups of study.

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2D Drawing
With DraftSight, you can take charge: create, modify, and display any 2D drawing file. Thanks to its very simple user interface for handling and use, you can become efficient immediately. In addition, the standard version of DraftSight is free, which is a professional-level 2D drawing software that already includes many tools.

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SolidXperts offers you exclusive tools for SOLIDWORKS solutions developed by our team of programmers that are reserved exclusively for our clients. These tools integrate seamlessly with your software and allow you to automate tasks, save time, work more efficiently and ultimately make better use of your software.

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