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Simulate your designs in real conditions

Improve the quality of your products by performing pre-manufacturing tests.

Create better products with SOLIDWORKS solutions

Do not wait until you must build prototypes to evaluate the performance of your designs. In a virtual environment, deliver real-world products with SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions. Accurate and realistic, these analyses will allow you to adapt and improve your products in record time.
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Powerful features,

detailed tests

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions, the range of tests available allows you to analyze every aspect of your design regardless of its manufacturing material, giving you every chance to achieve an exceptional product: durability, static and dynamic response, assembly movement, fluid dynamics, plastic injection molding, heat exchange, etc.


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Improve your products, simulate your designs easily

At any stage of their design, perform accurate simulations on your products.


A wide range of tests

Ensure quality products by quickly and easily submitting them to a wide variety of tests.


Savings for your business

No need to multiply the physical prototypes, nor to reduce the design to zero in case of failure of a test.


Make your innovation easier

You work faster, reduce the number of errors, and can spend more time on innovation.

Simulation solutions for all your business needs

Improve your products with SOLIDWORKS simulation solutions.

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can effectively evaluate your designs: Whatever material is used and the environment in which your product will be placed, you get valuable insight into your design behavior: drop tests, thermal, frequency, structural analyses of vibration, movement, fatigue, etc. Improve your products from the beginning of their design.

Simulation Data sheet
Simulation Product Matrix

SOLIDWORKS Plastics allows you to work accurately on plastic parts, as well as injection molds to avoid manufacturing defects right from the start of your project. For example, you can work on the flow of molten plastic during injections with this powerful and easy to use software.

Plastics Data sheet

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
Simulate liquid and gas flows extremely accurately from your designs with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. No need to wait until your design is complete, you can perform the tests at any stage of the process. And the tools at your disposal are numerous: heat transfer, flow forces, flow of fluids, etc.

Flow Simulation Data sheet

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
Create sustainable products by analyzing their lifecycle and evaluating their environmental impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability. Extremely complete, it allows you to analyze your parts, search for alternative materials, and measure their environmental repercussion. It is essential in rationalizing your costs (transport, distance, energy) and your materials, as well as to produce eco-responsible parts.

Sustainability Data sheet


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