Create your technical documentation and marketing materials easily

Create your technical documentation and marketing materials easily

Your products are always accompanied by essential technical communications but are long and tedious to achieve. Product manuals, installation and assembly instructions, offers and sales kits, markers, quotations … SOLIDWORKS solutions allow you to reuse your design data to quickly and easily create technical communication of high quality.

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With SOLIDWORKS Visualize, creating photorealistic visual content becomes easy. Emphasize your designs and put them into real-world usage, importing them from SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Alias, Rhino, SketchUp, and many other CAD formats. With or without knowledge in 3D CAD, your designers, engineers, and your marketing teams can appreciate and promote your products.

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« Avec SOLIDWORKS, nous disposons d’un outil unique et fiable pour créer des conceptions industrielles innovantes et évaluer leurs aspects techniques et pratiques. »

– Will Harris ISDA, Concepteur, DESIGN THAT MATTERS, INC.

« Nous utilisons également 3DVIA Composer pour réaliser des animations des nouvelles conceptions afin de montrer aux médecins consultants comment le produit est injecté, circule et fonctionne. »

– Christopher Narveson, Services de conception et d’ingénierie, CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS, INC.

« Nous aurions tout simplement été incapables de développer si rapidement un système de ce type sans une plate-forme de développement 3D intégrée telle que SOLIDWORKS. »

– Antoine Corbeil, Président,  BRAYTON ENERGY CANADA



Give a new dimension to your documentation

Speed and ease of use for quality documentation.


Work faster by reusing your existing data

Reuse your designs to create your entire documentation: save a lot of time.


Versatile software

All your documentation, technical and marketing needs are covered.


Benefits for your entire company

Marketing, engineering, technical, all your services enjoy the benefits of documentation solutions.

Discover your documentation solutions

Give your company the means to produce quality technical and marketing documentation.


Reuse your existing 3D design data to create faster and quickly update your technical documentation. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you are working on it as soon as possible – no need to wait for product completion. You present your products more easily, you create richer documentation, and your presentations are more effective with your customers.

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Create your control documents easily: From first-item control, control reports, to mark-based drawings, SOLIDWORKS Inspection leverages your existing 2D data from PDF, SOLIDWORKS, or TIFF formats. In the program, automation of control drawings with bubbles and control sheets results in fewer repetitive tasks, mistakes, and more precious time saved.

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Engineering drawings, 3D model views, quotations, etc. With SOLIDWORKS MBD, work directly in 3D: You save time, reduce errors, and make sure you support industry standards. Define all product manufacturing information (PMI) to optimize and shorten cycles for you and your suppliers.

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Create photorealistic marketing content, put your concepts into real designs and create a perfect rendering. With or without technical knowledge, SOLIDWORKS Visualize can be used by everyone and can provide a lot to your business. It improves the design internally, gives a better picture of your end products for their promotion or your presentations to your customers.

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