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Simplify the electrical design

Work faster

By choosing SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions, you give yourself the means to work better and faster. No need to design your project first and then integrate the electrical and electronics thereafter while losing valuable time. You can now design and integrate your electrical design right from the beginning of the project design.

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Reduce your

design costs

Where you previously had to systematically use physical prototypes to perform your electrical tests, SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides you with simulation tools. Not only do you work faster and more peacefully, but you also reduce your design costs significantly, avoiding expensive rework. 


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“The largest proportion of the cost of producing a new cell is tied to design and modifications.” With AutoCAD, supervisors needed a lot of time to understand 2D design, and interferences are hard to evaluate.”

– Marc Ducharme, Director of EngineeringSYMBOTIC

“We want engineers to have a completely open mind. SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation let us focus on how to extend our products’ capabilities, not on how to get more out of our design software.”

– Nick Mennell, Engineering Director,  AP RACING

“Virtually everything we do – including working with assemblies, generating drawings, and communicating with vendors – requires fewer steps in SOLIDWORKS.”

– Joseph Nolfo, Mechanical Engineer, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY

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Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Enjoy reliable and versatile solutions


Comprehensive and powerful tools

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows you to manage all aspects of your electrical design.


Directly integrated with your SOLIDWORKS solutions

One software for simpler and more efficient work.


A bidirectional association

Synchronize 2D drawings and 3D models in the blink of an eye.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Standard
A powerful tool for designing single-user schemas. Easy to use, it allows you to quickly develop the integrated electrical systems of your designs. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard, you can optimize the time spent on your projects by simplifying many tedious tasks and taking advantage of automated design and management tools.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
Integrating your electrical schematic designs into your 3D models has never been easier. Insert your 3D electrical parts into your designs: wires, cables, 3D beams, etc. You save precious time and get a consistent product while avoiding waste that would incur additional costs. With bidirectional synchronization, your schemas are always up to date.

Electrical Data Sheet

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Professional
The professional version of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic offers the same tools as the standard version, with a large quantity of additional features. Your designs are collaborative and synchronized in real time for more successful projects. You can then integrate your drawings into 3D models.
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Reduce the number of interferences during design and thus reduce the number of physical prototypes



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