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Windows and protective barriers for heavy grade coaches and buses make up the main product line of Arow Global, a Wisconsin based company specializing in transportation window systems. The company currently does a lot of extrusion work in terms of aluminum extrusions and rubber extrusions, yet there is no good way to do prototyping quickly without spending a couple hundred dollars for a four-inch-tall piece. Just testing new ideas was becoming costly, so the company needed a new heavy-duty prototyping method. Because prototyping becomes costly every time you create a new iteration, and because of the nature of the prototype aluminum profile parts Arow Global needed to make and test, a precise rapid prototyping technology was necessary.


To prototype properly, Arow Global was looking for a printer that could handle the wear and tear the end product would have to handle. Because the Mark Two could vastly drop prototyping costs and lead time while it could increase both end product efficiency and production time meant that it could easily improve Arow Global’s design process. After purchasing the Mark Two, Arow has been able to drastically improve their prototyping process. Now with their Markforged printer, they can afford the time and money to go through many more rounds of prototyping than before. The Mark Two at Arow Global has now shown its value in more ways than one. Apart from prototyping, the company has been using the printer to make manufacturing and assembly jigs as well. Some of their jigs have now been extensively used during the assembly process, nearing 1000 cycles. Now Arow Global seeks to expand the use of the Markforged printer to lower costs and reduce manufacturing and assembly time. The Mark Two has allowed the company to simplify and expand prototyping and provides the ability to rethink their design and manufacturing capabilities in more ways than one.


  • Reduced cost of prototyping by 95%
  • Reduced time to prototype by 95%


Industry: Education, Tooling & Fixtures, Prototyping, End-use Parts