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Based in Quebec, Canada, DAP Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures rugged, hand-held computers. These computers are veritable “all-terrain” mobile computers designed for collecting data under the harshest conditions in a multitude of industries. The plastic-molded part designs for these hand-held, ergonomically shaped computers are quite complex with many potential part interferences. The company found it necessary to look for a parametric 3D CAD program that could handle both complex shapes and clearance issues in a constrained space.


After evaluating AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and Pro/ENGINEER, we decided that only SOLIDWORKS software offered 3D modeling capabilities that would be easy to learn and easy to use. Along with SOLIDWORKS, we use fully integrated add-in solutions like Visualize for creating photorealistic images and SOLIDWORKS Simulation for finite element analysis (FEA). Since implementing SOLIDWORKS, all the design philosophies of our department have changed for the better, saving the company significant time and energy. The dramatic improvements we have seen with SOLIDWORKS are comparable to what we witnessed years ago when we switched from drafting boards to CAD for the very first time.


  • Reduced the design cycle by 50% from one year to six months
  • Lowered development costs by 30%
  • Eliminated 60% of design errors
  • Improved design performance dramatically


Industry: Manufacturing and Electronics