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InFocus Corporation has led the mobile projection market by executing a first-to-market strategy and by introducing new features and technologies ahead of competitors. To maintain its competitive lead, the company initiated a review of its product development platform in 2000, seeking a more efficient means for handling increasingly complex design geometries.


The company decided to standardize on the SOLIDWORKS Professional suite of mechanical design software. InFocus Corporation chose SOLIDWORKS software because of its ease of use, powerful capabilities, integrated SOLIDWORKS product data management software, and value. By implementing SOLIDWORKS Professional software, InFocus Corporation has extended its market leadership position, set a new standard in mobile projection technology, reduced time-to-effectiveness for new users, cut CAD licensing and maintenance costs, and realized savings in hardware costs.


  • Set a new standard in mobile projection technology
  • Reduced time-to-effectiveness for new users by 50%
  • Cut CAD licensing and maintenance costs by 70%
  • Realized savings of 75% in hardware costs


Industry: Manufacturing and Electronics