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LumenWerx is a young and growing architectural lighting manufacturer. Since their founding in 2014, they have introduced over 400 new products, featuring a range of technical innovations and imaginative designs. Keeping up with their fast-paced product growth and increasing market demands was a part this business’ daily challenge. LumenWerx was looking for a way to generate BOMs in DriveWorks without the need to create drawings.


LumenWerx contacted SolidXperts and explained their situation to our Xperts. SolidXperts assessed their situation and directed them to choose the optimal software for their demands. LumenWerx selected SOLIDWORKS, as it remains the most relevant 3D design software in the manufacturing industry. They selected PDM Professional because it was important for them to keep a clean database of their 3D parts, assemblies and 2D drawings, which helped them archive of all their data. They also chose DriveWorks after looking to automate and speed up client’s drawings and production BOMs. SolidXperts has accompanied them from day one and supported their software needs, giving them technical support for all the software mentioned. Our Xperts supplied them with a DriveWorks export and helped LumenWerx train and advise new and existing employees on how to improve their DriveWorks platform. This solution allowed them to create BOMs without the need to produce drawings first.


  • BOMs are now more accurate and can be done in a fraction of the time needed before.
  • Doubled the DriveWorks team, allowing for the entering of new products into the configurator to be faster.
  • Reduced amount of errors in end products by 80%.
Industries: Lighting & Fixtures