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At Media Blackout, customization of camera and TV equipment is key. Nearly everything is custom made to perfect parts for customer applications. Because Media Blackout frequently deals with heavy camera equipment, the company needed parts that were strong but light. Despite the strength of the parts they were producing, the translucent nylon was causing a problem: Many customers were skeptical of Media Blackout’s products. On set, light and glossy finishes will often reflect light into the camera and ruin the shot, which is why most filming equipment is dark.


Markforged reached out to Media Blackout to offer a test of Onyx, a new chopped carbon fiber filament in the Markforged filament suite. The filament is an alternative to the industrial strength nylon that Markforged provides, and its micro-carbon reinforcement is not only stiffer but also gives parts a high quality, stealth black finish ideal for customer-use parts. the material’s impressive matte black finish allowed Media Blackout to present their customers with professional parts. The chopped carbon fiber reinforcement rooted in this new filament makes Onyx tough, stiff, and stable, even when printing. The added material strength of Onyx has not only saved time, but also reduced cost. The engineering toughness and finish that Onyx provides has empowered Media Blackout to bring their products to higher standards of quality. They’ve made their parts stronger for cheaper, and the process of presenting custom cable and camera solutions to customers has never been faster.


  • Reduced cost of 3D Printing by 75%
  • Reduced time to manufacture parts by 95%


Industry:Education, Tooling & Fixtures, Prototyping, End-use Parts