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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

 Increase render speed and content productivity by sending render jobs to a dedicated machine cluster.

Why Choose SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost?

 SOLIDWORKS® Visualize Boost is an add-on product to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional that greatly increases render speeds and productivity by allowing it to send jobs to other machine(s), freeing up your computing resources for Visualize, CAD, or other demanding applications.


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Which characteristics has Visualize Boost ?

Discover the features in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost


Increase Rendering Efficiency

Stack multiple jobs in your Render Queue and offload your local machine. Visualize Boost supports all output from SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. Leverage both CPUs and GPUs across your network to render jobs faster than ever before.

Create a Render Farm

Install SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost on the machine(s) you want in your render farm, from the one included node or scale to a larger cluster.

Manage Your Render Farm

Manage your Visualize Boost render farm from an easy-to-use webpage and update settings on the fly.

Unleash the Raw Power of Super-feature PowerBoost

PowerBoost opens up new doors to interactive real-time raytracing for the best visualization experience. PowerBoost works hand-in-hand with your SOLIDWORKS Visual Boost cluster or NVIDIA Quadro® VCA(s). Rather than sending offline jobs to your cluster, PowerBoost is a new render mode that uses this same render farm to instantly stream the raytracing to your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Viewport – an industry first! A multi-GPU machine or NVIDIA Quadro® VCA is recommended for a truly interactive raytracing experience.

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