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Reduce the number of interferences during design and thus reduce the number of physical prototypes required. “With AutoCAD, supervisors needed a lot of time to understand the intent of 2D design, and interferences are hard to assess,” said Marc Ducharme, engineering director at SYMBOTIC. “We bought SOLIDWORKS to reduce interference when designing assemblies because we were doing a lot of prototypes. 3D allows our designers to better visualize the assembly before it is manufactured, and SOLIDWORKS is easy to understand, so it’s one of the fastest-growing software packages in the mechanical design market.”


SYMBOTIC is now working on some fifteen projects simultaneously. The average equipment has between 100 and 200 pieces, the robot cells have about 2000 pieces and the large multi-cell projects have more than 10,000 pieces. Following the design of a robot cell, Marc Ducharme compares the saving of time and money made during the design with a 3D software instead of a 2D software. “For the design of this one, we reduced our costs in terms of robot start-up, interferences, corrections, device assembly and welding,” explains Marc Ducharme. “3D with SOLIDWORKS is really an advantage for engineers and manufacturing. ”


  • Increased product quality by more than 40%.
  • Reduced equipment assembly time by about 30%.
  • Saved more than 40% of design time.


Industry: Engineering