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One factory owned by Unilever is responsible for producing hundreds to thousands of bags of Lipton Tea every day. At factories like this, quick turnaround time is essential to keeping machines running. The incentive of new ideas is driven by the promise of higher production rates, both in quantity and quality. If a new idea needs to be tested, it can take weeks to get the parts back from a machine shop. This was one of the processes that Professional Maintenance Specialist Mateusz Loska wanted to improve.


The factory had started with an ABS 3D printer at first, but it hadn’t quite lived up to their expectations. After hearing about Markforged, Loska was convinced. The prospect of a 3D printer that could create production quality parts was appealing to the entire team. The Markforged printer gave the factory the ability to produce production prototypes at the push of a button. Once they discover which parts of their manufacturing setup requires improvements, they can use the printer to not only prototype ideas, but to test and load their concepts in a real-world environment before finalizing and printing the finished product. With the capabilities of Markforged, the printer helps develop quality parts in fraction of the time it would take otherwise.


  • Reduced cost of replacement parts by 60%
  • Reduced time to print replacement parts by 85%


Industry: Education, Tooling & Fixtures, Prototyping, End-use Parts