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Fromlabs- Form 3 vs Form 2 Design guide

Markforged – Tooling & fixtures

SOLIDWORKS – Modernizing technical communication by leveraging 3D CAD data

FORMLABS – 4 ways LFS 3D printing produces better parts ebook

MARKFORGED – Leveraging continuous fiber for strong 3D printing

SOLIDWORKS – Boost productivity and improve quality by integrating electrical and mechanical design in 3D

FORMLABS – Ultimate guide to Engineering from home ebook

MARKFORGED – Economics of 3D printing

SOLIDWORKS – New methods for maximizing the value of data across the enterprise

FORMLABS – 3D printing Technology comparison: SLA vs DLP

MARKFORGED – 3D printing buyer’s guide

SOLIDWORKS – Event-based simulation technical paper

FORMLABS – Manufactuing Processes for Plastics

MARKFORGED – Additive Manufacturing on a Production Line

FORMLABS – 3B and Form 3BL:3D printers for Healthcare

FORMLABS – Create Camera Lenses with Stereolithography

MARKFORGED – Covid impact on supply chain

MARKFORGED – Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges

SOLIDWORKS – Data Management workflows through Simulation

SOLIDWORKS – Superior Design through Simulation

FORMLABS – 3D Printing in the Hospital

FORMLABS – Silicone Molding for Product Design


Upgrading from 2D to 3D

CAD Integrated Simulation

Formlabs Medical applications

MARKFORGED 3D Printing Fundamentals

MARKFORGED Metal 3D Printing Fundamentals

SOLIDWORKS The CAD Leader 3D Printing Applications

Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Applications

Intro to Stereolithography 3D Printing

Five Applications of Metal 3D Printing

How to boost productivity and improve quality by integrating electrical and mechanical design in 3D

How to Automatically Manage the Approval, Changes, and Obsolescence of your CAD Files

How to Design your Products more Effectively with Simulation

All the keys to successfully accelerate your simulation study creation, test your designs, optimize your product designs, and much more.


Which material to choose to start your business in 3D printing?

Every company has specific needs, even for 3D printing! In this white paper, learn the key to finding the right materials for your business.


Customize and Automate Products: Which Configurator to Choose?

Several solutions exist, but not all of them will meet your needs. Find the right way to respond better and faster to the demands of your customers.


Virtual Reality: The keys to turning this new technology into an asset for your business

Here’s how to fully understand virtual reality, and how to apply it to your company today.


How do you manage your business when you have to use different CAD software?

Nowadays, more and more companies have to juggle the use of several CAD software in their business. SolidXperts gives you the keys to take advantage of the best solutions available to you.


Everything new in SOLIDWORKS from 2015 to 2019

SolidXperts offers you, in every detail, the new features of each version of SOLIDWORKS from 2015 to 2019. This exhaustive list of improvements made between each version lets you know about the new possibilities offered by the software from year to year.