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Large scale 3D printing made affordable and accessible

Large scale 3D printing made affordable and accessible

SolidXperts offers full-cycle solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We are an extensive team of seasoned experts with industry experience across all different types of manufacturing businesses. Let us accompany you throughout your product development cycles from conception, through prototyping and testing, and into production. Get your products to market faster and optimize your design and manufacturing processes for an even faster ROI.

Large scale 3D printing made affordable and accessible

Large scale 3D printing made affordable and accessible

Your Inspiration, our expertise, together we are an unbeatable team building 3D Experiences in Design and Manufacturing


Innovate, design, and develop your products with the help of our 3D solutions.

Optimize your design & manufacturing teams and develop quality products faster.

Metal & Carbon Fiber 3D Printers

Markforged 3D printers, software, and materials transform the way we manufacture and redefine the 3D printing industry.

Large scale 3D printing made affordable and accessible

 3D print large and highly detailed prototypes, molds, fixtures or even functional parts with the Builder Extreme 3D printer, one of the biggest FDM 3D printers on the market preferred by industry leaders.

Powering Breakthroughs, Every Day

Scale prototyping and production with affordable, industrial-quality SLA and SLS 3D printers.



Take full advantage of 3D modeling features on SOLIDWORKS, thanks to the extensive training provided by our certified trainers.


Presentation of SOLIDWORKS, Markforged, & Formlabs solutions and the concrete benefits they will bring to your business.


Seminars, hands-on workshops, presentations, and more. Participate for free in the various events organized by SolidXperts.

For 20 years, SolidXperts has helped to create and bring your 3D SOLIDWORKS design projects to life. Specializing in the training, implementation, and integration of 3D design and printing solutionsSolidXperts has helped thousands of companies in Canada and the United States make the transition to 3D technology and improve their skills.

Through SOLIDWORKS software, Markforged and Formlabs printers, SolidXperts offers you a complete range of products and services adapted to the needs of your business sector and the specifications of your industry.

Regardless of the size of your business SolidXperts has the perfect solution to allow you to design high quality products while supporting you with SOLIDWORKS training in Montreal, Quebec, Nashua or directly within your company.



Certified teams

With over 250 certifications, SolidXperts offers you a high level of technical support.


Customer service

Implementationassistance, practical workshops, SOLIDWORKS training… SolidXperts accompanies you throughout your project!


For every business and every project, SolidXperts offers you a solution based on your needs.


“Since implementing PDM, we have the foundation in place that we need to automate our processes, eliminate waste, and remove unnecessary costs. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has allowed us to really ramp up.” – Chip Montgomery, Team Leader, ABCO AUTOMATION, INC.
“Ease of implementation and maintenance is what sets SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional apart from the other PDM systems out there.” –Todd Puckett, IT Project Manager, AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS, INC.
SOLIDWORKS enables us to do what no one else can. The success of our CAD effort gave us the confidence to move ahead with additional SOLIDWORKS Simulation and PDM tools.” – António Caroço, MARTIFER GROUP



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Best Practices for DriveWorks Project Structures

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How 3DExperience will help you use SOLIDWORKS  

How 3DExperience will help you use SOLIDWORKS  

By Steven Murphy - Elite Applications Engineer While the 3DExperience platform takes the CAD industry by storm, what does it mean for the average SOLIDWOKRS user? Despite the industry trend toward SAAS (Software as a service), SOLIDWORKS will remain available as a...